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  1. Dave Nelson

    I just started reading your wonderful reflections. Lauren. It’s so good to hear from someone who has such a sense of prayerful gratitude. I find myself saying small prayers all day long, mainly, in gratitude and supplication. Sometimes, I just pray for people I walk by, possibly, prompted by a look of concern or joy on the person’s face. You can’t ever know what someone is thinking but it is nice to offer up a request for his or her well-being and happiness.

    You write so honestly and openly. I look forward to reading more.

    God bless, Dave

    • Lauren


      Hey! Welcome to my little blog, and thank you so much for taking the time to read what I have to say.

      While I do not write exclusively about my faith, spirituality and my Catholic perspective will feature from time-to-time. And, although I didn’t keep the pace of the 7-Day Challenge as I had hoped, I am still planning for a follow-up post or two to more adequately explore my relationship with Catholicism.

      I loved what you had to say about prayer and privately offering it up for perfect strangers. I have done this as well. It’s so cool to hear about other people’s efforts, especially those that are not so obvious — I wonder how many of us are in frequent communion with God. It’s nice to think there are more of us out there.

      I would be thrilled for you to come back and read more.

      Great to hear from you….


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