Cars Are Like Fishbowls

When I am standing on the sidewalk in my neighborhood, or when I am in a public parking lot fiddling with my keys or waiting for my husband to pull the car up and retrieve me from the front of a restaurant, I can’t help but notice the cars that drive by and the people inside of them.

The passengers have been reduced to mere faces, faces that I know are attached to bodies sitting strapped in seats.  At the mercy of wherever the driver is taking them.  But you can only see them from the neck up — just faces being driven around, these disembodied heads.

I think we all look kind of dumb as faces in windows of moving cars.  Vroooom, vroooom, ziiiiip, vrooooom.  Sometimes when people peel out, the faces jerk back real quick.  Snap.  It’s hard to look cool, or serious, or like you have your life all figured out, when you sit in someone’s passenger seat.

It’s like fish on display in a fishbowl, but worse.



    • Lauren


      Thank you ! So glad. Saturdays will bring some levity around here on my blog, even at the expense of my reputation as a sane person.

      Thought of your dad when I wrote that. Miss him.


  1. debi

    You have a good point here and I would say some look like clown clown fish with big bulging eyes gasping for breathe as they make their way they make their way to work in a sea of traffic. Others are your everyday goldfish, mindlessly going with the flow of life and hoping someone drops them a few crumbs through the moonroofs as to sustain them for one more day of avoiding floating to the top. ICK

  2. Swistle

    I like to count how many of the female passengers of male drivers look cranky.

    But then sometimes I notice how many people are seriously TYPING while driving, and that makes me feel crazy, so I stop looking.

    • Lauren


      OMG! Your reply should be framed and hanging on my “virtual wall” like a diner’s first dollar is displayed.

      Anyone reading this must know how brilliant this blogger is: Read her.

      S — thanks for the reply. Yes, yes, and yes. Women at the mercy of male drivers. Every time I am in the car with my husband, I hold the handle and scream “We don’t have a will yet. The kids CANNOT be wards of the state!”

      And the texting-while-driving is nuts. No one is that important.

      Love you. Thanks for the support. Seriously.

      Join in the discussion anytime.


  3. Dianne

    I remember when I was preggers with my last one that I would always drive by this one particular neighbor who could only see me from the neck up and never knew anything until the blue balloons appeared on our mailbox. As I drove past each day, belly growing and growing, I remember thinking how it was kinda weird how people can see us every day driving past yet know so little about us and our real lives when they only see us from the neck up. Your post put a smile in my face :)
    On another note, I love looking into my rear view mirror or over to the car next to me and finding someone beltin’ out a song LOL Rock On!!!

    • Lauren


      You make a great point — taking my “questionable wisdom” (that being that we are no more than silly disembodied heads when riding in cars) and amping it up to connect with actual meaning. We really do know so little about the things/people we see day-in-day-out. You never really know what is going on in someone else’s life; I know I take much of what I see for granted — I’m pretty selfish about it too. It’s like the little familiarities are there just for me….so I can feel safe. IDK….I want to explore this notion in-depth in a future post.

      And yes, soooo funny to see people singing in the car.

      Great comment.


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